Measure W is a poorly written ballot measure that jeopardizes the future of National City.

The flawed Measure W will reduce the number of available rental units in National City and result in the deterioration of the homes that remain. We need to maintain and improve the quality of life in National City, not destroy it.

Independent housing experts agree that policies like Measure W drive up the cost of housing, reduce the amount of affordable housing available, and encourage landlords to sell or convert their apartments.

Measure W creates a new government bureaucracy at City Hall, appointed by politicians with blank check authority to set its own salary, assess fees, hire countless staff, consultants, and lawyers, issue subpoenas, and sue without oversight.

In fact, Measure W reduces housing availability for lower-income residents by allowing any available housing covered by Measure W to go to residents with higher credit scores and income levels, instead of prioritizing those units for seniors, veterans, teachers, working families and other residents who actually need affordable housing.

Measure W makes it very difficult to evict problem tenants. Those who put the safety of their neighbors at-risk by dealing drugs or engaging in other dangerous activities will be safeguarded from evictions, degrading neighborhood quality of life.

Measure W’s extensive rules, costs, and bureaucracy will reduce housing stock as owners remove rental units. Without continued reinvestment in housing, neighborhoods decline and the tax base for schools erodes.

Join neighbors, civic leaders, school officials, and local business owners in voting No on Measure W.